Lauren Hill


It is important to book early. Weddings tend to be concentrated in certain seasons and on certain weekends.

Telephone 905 525 0333 to arrange a hearing and to discuss details.  Most requests can be met if discussed well ahead of time.

Rates vary according to several criteria, including:

  •   Total length of time required
  •   Total length of playing time
  •   Movement of the harp, if required
  •   Indoor or outdoor location
  •   Distance to travel to event

For those planning events other than weddings, consider a harp ambience for:

  •   guests at retirement parties,
  •   anniversaries,
  •   corporate functions,
  •   cocktail parties
      and other special occasions.

Dates are considered pending and not booked until confirmed by a deposit.

Email me at or telephone 905 525 0333 for more information.
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